How do you remove red wine from upholstery?

Step 1 – Blot the Stain with Paper Towels
As soon as there is a spill, immediately blot the stain with paper towels. However, if the stain is an old one, and it has dried, you can immediately proceed to the next step.

Step 2 – Sponge the Stain with Warm Water
With a sponge and warm water mixed with salt (brine), blot and scrub the stain on the upholstery. The new stain will usually be diluted with the warm water and come off, but for an old one that is hard to remove, try the solution in step 4.

Step 3 – Use Talcum Powder
Spread some talcum powder over the stain and let it stand for a few minutes (about 3 to 5 minutes will do). With a brush, spread and scrub the talcum powder over the stain. Remove the powder using the same brush. Proceed once more to step 2 and assess if the stain was totally removed. If not, proceed to step 4.

Step 4 – Drop Small Amount of Vinegar and Brush It
If you keep on trying to remove red wine stains, but it is too stubborn to come off, try dropping some vinegar on it and brushing it off. The acidity of the vinegar will usually help in removing the stain fast.

Step 5 – Pour Liquid Detergent
After brushing with vinegar on the stain, pour a small amount of liquid detergent on it to finally lift off any remaining stain on the upholstery. Then clean it off with the sponge and warm water and blot with paper towel. Once the stain is removed, take off the upholstery and wash it using a washing machine in a hot cycle and then spin dry it.

Step 6 – If All Else Fails, Get an Upholstery Cleaner
The above steps were created in order for you to minimize your expenses and use cleaners that are readily available at home. However, if the red wine stain is truly stubborn and will not come off even if you tried to rub it off with the previous solutions, then perhaps you should purchase an upholstery cleaner from your local hardware and do-it-yourself store. Some are sold cheaply and all you need to do is to spray it on the stain directly and with a brush, scrub the stain away. Then rinse a bit with the sponge that is dampened with the warm water, and dry it with your paper towel. Repeat the same process again if the stain is still present.