How do you remove rust stains from ceramic tile?

  Remove rust stains from ceramic tile flooring by following a few quick procedures. You can make the cleansing agents at home using household products. Read on to learn about the various methods of removing the rust stain.

Step 1 – Safety Precautions
To remove rust stains from ceramic tiles, you need to first take a few safety precautions. Make sure you are wearing work gloves at all times. Also wear expendable work clothes on as the cleaners could stain your clothes.

Step 2 – Prep Work
Examine the stained ceramic surface. While you remove rust stains, the cleaning agent can spread onto the object and spoil it. To be safe, move all nearby objects from the area where you are working.

Step 3 – Wash
Fill a bucket with water and lather it up with detergent. Use a sponge and start cleaning the ceramic tiles that have rust stains on them.

Step 4 – Clean
Dip the sponge in clean water, and wipe the surface. Make sure that the surface is rid of detergent. Wipe with a dry cloth. Let the surface completely dry.

Step 5 – Mixture
To remove rust stains from ceramic surfaces, you need to prepare a cleaning solution. Mix borax with lime juice in equal proportions. Mix it up till you get a paste like consistency.

Step 6 – Apply
The next step is to take the mixture and apply it onto the stained surface. Scoop it up with a spatula and spread it out evenly. Allow it to dry.

Step 7 – Wash Away
Make sure that you do not touch the area until the mixture completely dries. Then, use a sponge to wipe the mixture away. Use water to rid the surface of any traces from the mixture.

Step 8 – Vinegar
Another cleansing agent that helps in removing the rust stain and can be made easily is one that involves vinegar. Add equal amounts of vinegar and salt.

Step 9 – Apply
After you achieve a paste-like consistency with the vinegar and salt, apply it to the affected area. You have to make sure that you leave the mixture on the ceramic tiles for 5 hours.

Step 10 – Remove
After 5 hours, rinse the area with hot water. Scrub gently with a sponge. You might have to scrub for 10 to 15 minutes before you see the results.

Step 11 – Ready Made
If you go to a store, you will find ready made cleansing agents. These agents work faster. It contains chemicals so make sure you cover your mouth and nose while using them.

Step 12 – Pumice Stone
Pumice stone is great device that will come handy while scrubbing. Instead of a sponge, you can also use a pumice stone. This will not scratch the ceramic surface.