What type of vacuum cleaner should I use? Does it matter?

Knowing what model or style you want is the first step in purchasing anything that you buy. Therefore, it may be a good idea to know what’s available out there before you actually make your purchase. Six basic styles of vacuum cleaners are on the market today. Within each style, variations in design, features, efficiency, and cost exist. A few brief highlights are presented on each of them here.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner
A canister vacuum cleaner is usually larger, heavier, and more costly than other varieties of the vacuum cleaner. However, quite often, it is also quieter as it does its job. This is an excellent style of vacuum cleaner for many areas including bare floors, under beds, inside cars, upholstered furniture, stairways, and draperies.
When most people think of a canister vacuum cleaner, they think of the big, bulky monstrosity that sits on the floor and resembles a keg. However, backpack varieties of the canister vacuum are also available. The backpack canister makes it easy to vacuum the out of the way areas such as tall pieces of furniture.

Central Vacuum Cleaner
The central vacuum system is by far the most expensive and the most efficient of the styles. With this type of system, you avoid the bulky canisters to pull around, the upright vacuum to push in front of you, and the noise. Central vacuum cleaners are installed as a built in system that present very little to be seen. Central vacuum systems require no pushing or pulling, no electrical cords, and no large storage space. They are easy, efficient, and quick since there’s little more for you to do than plug the hose in and vacuum up the dirt.
These models include a motor that is typically installed away from the general area. This allows the system to work much more quietly than other vacuum cleaners. Additionally, it has a canister for holding the dirt that requires emptying only a few times a year. PVC tubing is enclosed in the walls for carrying the dirt away from the public areas and into the holding tank. Centrally located receptacles are placed in the floors or walls of each of rooms providing convenient accessibility. The system’s vacuum hose and cleaning attachments provide all that is need for a thorough and efficient cleaning job.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Cordless vacuum cleaners are available in either hand held or upright models. Designed to be lightweight and portable, cordless vacuum cleaners are easier to use than most other styles. They pull out easily due to their size and lack of an electrical cord. The smaller hand held versions are excellent for small tasks such as vacuuming up after a small spill or a mess that is limited to a very small area. The upright models are better for larger areas that tend to incur daily damage. This may include pet areas, entryways, and mud rooms.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners
Robot vacuum cleaners are designed with the busy individual in mind. Typically, they are small, lightweight, and attractive. Moreover, its vacuuming skills are attractive as well. If they do bump into a wall or other obstacle, they do so gently. In fact, it is possible to program the robot vacuum cleaner to navigate the contours of your environment.
This type of vacuum cleaner is programmable, allowing the homeowner to set it up to turn on and vacuum the home even when no one is there. Additionally, this vacuum cleaner can be monitored via the Internet and a built in camera. One of the few disadvantages to this style is that it really is best to pick up the room first since this housekeeper only vacuums.

Sweeper Vacuum Cleaner
The sweeper vacuum cleaner has also been referred to as the electric broom. Typically, this style is excellent for quick clean up needs of both carpeted and non-carpeted areas. Therefore, it may get quite a bit of use in kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. This style is lighter and smaller than most regular vacuum cleaners. This makes it easy to use for anyone, especially smaller, less athletic individuals.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner
The upright vacuum cleaner is a popular style of vacuum cleaner simply because many people prefer to push the vacuum cleaner rather than pull it behind like the canister vacuum cleaner. This style is an excellent choice for homes that have a lot of carpeting. These models are typically easy to carry and store due to their upright position. Today’s models usually feature a built in handle for lifting and carrying the vacuum cleaner as needed such as in transporting it up and down the stairs. Most models come equipped with an adjustable height range that allows easy vacuuming of carpets with different pile heights. Some models even feature an edge of the area suction adjustment rather than a full suction.