How do you clean soot?

Cleaning soot is a process that is often required by those with fireplaces or maybe due to a fire. This job is one that can demand immediate attention and a careful touch.

Why cleaning soot immediately matters
Cleaning soot as soon as the problem is discovered is very important for helping prevent permanent staining. Soot is a carbonized material. It is important to keep in mind when cleaning soot that this material is essentially the same thing as permanent ink sans the liquid base.

Steps for cleaning soot
The process for cleaning soot is one that should be carefully followed. It is important to note that some prefer calling in professional cleaners, but this step is not always necessary. To go about cleaning soot make sure to:

Vacuum the area – The idea on this step in the process is to remove as much of the material without wiping or rubbing it on any surface.

Use a special soot sponge – There are special chemically treated sponges for cleaning soot. Using them per manufacturer instructions should be the next phase in the process.

Follow up with wet washing – The last step in cleaning soot does involve using the right, mild soap and water to remove any final debris left. Make sure as much soot has been picked up by the vacuum and sponge before moving ahead to this phase.